Ungarra Primary School

    Ungarra Primary School

    Ungarra Primary School is a small, vibrant rural school located among broad acre farming properties 80km north of Port
    Lincoln. There is a strong teaching focus
    on literacy, numeracy, ICT and sustainable schools programs.


Welcome to Ungarra Primary School

All students R-7 are involved in maintaining their own vegetable plots, cooking produce for school lunches, monitoring power production from
a school solar array and implementing various measures to Wipe Out
Waste, and conserve water and power. Students maintain a school
orchard, chicken yard and aquaponics system.

They regularly conduct tours of the school to interested groups and are invited to present their programs at local community events. All students
are actively involved in school and community events and sports, participate in an Active After Schools program and attend regular excursions and camps to local and intrastate locations supporting learning programs.

Students participate in KESAB projects and Trees for Life programs, and regularly work with Natural Resource Management groups. A highlight is the end of year concert which is strongly supported by the whole community. School values are respect, excellence, integrity and resilience.

Ungarra Primary School is also part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden National Program.